cijr = contiguity value for pixel r in patch ij.
v = sum of the values in a 3-by-3 cell template (13 in this case).
aij* = area of patch ij in terms of number of cells.
Description CONTIG equals the average contiguity value (see discussion) for the cells in a patch (i.e., sum of the cell values divided by the total number of pixels in the patch) minus 1, divided by the sum of the template values (13 in this case) minus 1.
Units None
Range 0 ≦ CONTIG ≦ 1
CONTIG equals 0 for a one-pixel patch and increases to a limit of 1 as patch contiguity, or connectedness, increases. Note, 1 is subtracted from both the numerator and denominator to confine the index to a range of 1.
Comments Contiguity index assesses the spatial connectedness, or contiguity, of cells within a grid-cell patch to provide an index on patch boundary configuration and thus patch shape (LaGro 1991).