aijc = core area (m2) of patch ij based on specified edge depths (m).
aij = area (m2) of patch ij.
Description CAI equals the patch core area (m2) divided by total patch area (m2), multiplied by 100 (to convert to a percentage); in other words, CAI equals the percentage of a patch that is core area.
Units Percent
Range 0 ≦ CAI < 100
CAI = 0 when CORE = 0 (i.e., every location within the patch is within the specified depth-of-edge distance(s) from the patch perimeter); that is, when the patch contains no core area. CAI approaches 100 when the patch, because of size, shape, and edge width, contains mostly core area.
Comments Core area index is a relative index that quantifies core area as a percentage of patch area (i.e., the percentage of the patch that is comprised of core area).