eik = total length (m) of edge in landscape between patch types (classes) i and k; includes landscape boundary segments involving patch type i.
E* = total length (m) of edge in landscape; includes entire landscape boundary and background edge segments regardless of whether they represent edge or not.
dik = dissimilarity (edge contrast weight) between patch types i and k.
Description TECI equals the sum of the lengths (m) of each edge segment in the landscape multiplied by the corresponding contrast weight, divided by the total length (m) of edge in the landscape, multiplied by 100 (to convert to a percentage). Edge segments along the landscape boundary are treated like background (as specified in the edge contrast weight file) unless a landscape border is present, in which case the boundary edge types are made explicit by the information in the border.
Units Percent
Range 0 ≦ TECI ≦ 100
TECI = 0 when there is no edge in the landscape; that is, when the entire landscape and landscape border, if present, consists of a single patch or the user specifies that all edge types be given a zero-contrast weight (d = 0). TECI approaches 0 as the contrast in edges lesson (i.e., contrast weight approaches 0). TECI = 100 when all edge is maximum contrast (d = 1).
Comments Total edge contrast index is similar to the edge contrast index at the patch level, only here it is applied to all edges across the landscape.