nijc = number of disjunct core areas in patch ij based on specified edge depths (m).
A = total landscape area (m2).
Description DCAD equals the sum of number of disjunct core areas contained within each patch, divided by total landscape area (m2), multiplied by 10,000 and 100 (to convert to 100 hectares). Note, total landscape area (A) includes any internal background present.
Units Number per 100 hectares
Range DCAD ≥ 0, without limit. DCAD = 0 when TCA = 0 (i.e., every location within every patch is within the specified depth-of-edge distance(s) from the patch perimeters); in other words, when there are no core areas. DCAD > 1 when, due to patch size and shape, at least one core area exists.
Comments Disjunct core area density, like its counterpart, Patch density (PD),expresses number of disjunct core areas on a per unit area basis that facilitates comparisons among landscapes of varying size. Of course, if total core area is held constant, then disjunct core area density and number of disjunct core areas convey the same information.