nijc = number of disjunct core areas in patch ij based on specified edge depths (m).
Description NCORE equals the number of disjunct core areas contained within the patch boundary.
Units None
Range NCORE ≥ 0, without limit.
NCORE = 0 when CORE = 0 (i.e., every location within the patch is within the specified depth-of-edge distance from the patch perimeter). NCORE > 1 when, because of shape, the patch contains disjunct core areas.
Comments A disjunct core is a spatially contiguous (and therefore distinct) core area (see Core Area description). Depending on the size and shape of the patch and the specified depth-of-edge distance(s), a single patch may actually contain several disjunct core areas. From an organism- or process-centered perspective, it may be more appropriate to consider disjunct core areas as separate patches.