aijc = core area (m2) of patch ij based on specified edge depths (m).
A = total landscape area (m2).
Description CPLAND equals the sum of the core areas of each patch (m2) of the corresponding patch type, divided by total landscape area (m2), multiplied by 100 (to convert to a percentage); in other words, CPLAND equals the percentage the landscape comprised of core area of the corresponding patch type. Note, total landscape area (A) includes any internal background present.
Units Percent
Range 0 ≦ CPLAND < 100
CPLAND approaches 0 when core area of the corresponding patch type (class) becomes increasingly rare in the landscape, because of increasing smaller patches and/or more convoluted patch shapes. CPLAND approaches 100 when the entire landscape consists of a single patch type (i.e., when the entire image is comprised of a single patch) and the specified depth-of-edge distance(s) approaches zero.
Comments Core area percentage of landscape is defined the same as core area (CORE) at the patch level (see Core Area), but here core area is aggregated (summed) over all patches of the corresponding patch type and computed as a percentage of the total landscape area, which facilitates comparison among landscape of varying size.